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“Our business is to simplify your business”

Obatics seamlessly integrates into your organisation by working with your existing processes and workflow. It offers a unified platform to manage various business functions, such as finance, sales, customer service, manufacturing, assembly process, and quality control, all in one place.

This results in efficient communication and collaboration between departments, reducing manual efforts and errors, and allowing for easy data exchange and reporting. Obatics is flexible and customizable, and provides APIs for integration with other systems.

Easy to Use

Obatics is effortless to install and manage. With cloud-based storage, you can access your data from any location using your laptop or smartphone. The intuitive design of the software ensures a seamless experience for users, as each module window has a consistent look and feel. 

Obatics streamlines your business operations by centralising all customer and supplier information, making it easy to track leads, sales, enquiries, work orders, and more. Furthermore, the software is customisable to meet the specific needs of your business. You can even change the labels and field names to align with your business terminology, or restrict access to certain information for specific individuals or departments


Using the latest security measures, including two-step verification, your data will be kept safe. Obatics Mobile is developed for iOS devices with the added security Apple provide with Encryption, Passcode or biometric authentication.

Daily backups are run on your data and stored safely for 30 days, giving you the peace of mind, should you need to reference your historic data. All your data is stored on Irish servers.


We know every business is different. Obatics meets most company business needs but your company may have requirements which are unique to you.

We offer a customisable solution that gives you the flexibility to add or modify features to meet your specific needs.

Our goal is to provide a tailored experience that addresses your unique requirements, ensuring that the solution fits your business operations seamlessly. With the ability to customise, you can have peace of mind knowing that the solution will be a perfect fit for your organisation. Whether you need to add a new feature or make changes to an existing one, we are here to help you achieve the results you desire.


Obatics Mobile will allow you and your sales team active Enquiries, Sales or Services, whilst your Engineers or Service team can keep up to date with their daily schedule, update their timesheets or fill in and sign-off on commissioning or quality check lists.

Mobile devices offer offline capabilities, providing the freedom to work seamlessly and uninterrupted, regardless of internet availability.

Key Features

Obatics Quote to Cash

From Quotation to Payment

Obatics manages your company from customer Enquiries and Sales right through to Invoicing and Payments. Emailing documents, including Quotations, Invoices and Statements directly to your customer, and perform Aged Analysis on invoices, quickly identify overdue payments.

Obatics Procurement


Assign special pricing and lead-times of products from suppliers, place orders, monitor delivery status, and record payments. Receive goods in and manage inventory levels automatically, making available to Sales to ship with potential orders.

Obatics Document Control

Document Management

Store digital documentation and link them to relevant Jobs, ensuring the correct document version is easily accessible and being edited. Linked documents can be automatically attached to emails, if required.

Obatics Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Inventory can be received and stored in multiple locations using fully integrated barcode features and If you're not ready for barcoding yet, you still have the comfort of knowing it’s available when needed.

Deliveries Dockets and Goods Received help keep control of your stock levels automatically.
As purchased stock levels drop below their minimum, purchase orders can be created for individual or multiple suppliers, automatically replenishing to the minimum quantities.
Manage product Shelf Life, Batch Identification, Storage Restrictions, as well as Quarantining, Destruction and Attrition.

 If you need to inspect goods inwards, you can quarantine goods, making them unavailable for use until they have passed inspections.

Obatics Maintenance and Quality Control

Maintenance & Quality Control

Verify that your products adhere to the established standards through conducting Quality Checks using a tablet during production or final inspection at the customer's location.

Customizable checklist templates can be created to fit your specific needs by focusing on various aspects of your company, such as production or service.

Obatics Task Management

Task & Resource Management

A Job can have its necessary steps assigned to it to guarantee prompt completion and delivery to the customer. These steps form a Workflow, highlighting what still needs to be done.

Some or all of the tasks can be assigned to team members and filtered for specific users, displaying only the relevant pending actions for each user.

Obatics can also track the time taken to finish Jobs, allowing management to evaluate pricing and maintain profitability. The cost of the work can be accurately calculated by including the hourly rate for operators.

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