Primary Features and Attributes

Primary Features and Attributes


The Work In Progress tab presents a list of open tasks which need to be actioned such as To Do’s, Messages, Projects, Quotations and Purchases. Overview outlines clearly what needs to be done, by whom and when it needs to be completed. All tasks are listed by priority or due date and tasks can be scheduled using expected lead times to forecast future activity and bottlenecks.

Obatics can be configured to highlight only tasks assigned to you or your team, if you are a manager.

Primary Features and Attributes

Task Management, Time Analysis & Timesheets

Obatics Time Management

Obatics can record the time taken to complete a job and make comparisons against similar items quoted to ensure all jobs remain profitable. Obatics calculates hourly rates from all timesheets and assigns these rates and time involved to the relevant job automatically.

If some of your team fill in weekly timesheets, Obatics can help you with that too. Your team call fill in their own timesheets from their laptop or smartphone, the hourly rates will be calculated and assigned to the relevant job automatically.

Workflows, Tasks and Schedules

View tasks assigned or created by you in one click. The Overview lists outstanding workflow tasks by priority or due date, so at a a glance you can see what what tasks are outstanding for your team or for yourself.

Tasks can be scheduled using expected lead-times, giving you forecast of future activity and bottlenecks.

Workflows, containing a number of specific tasks can be assigned to most order fulfilment modules. Any or all tasks can have a member of the team or department assigned.

Obatics Workflows, Tasks and Schedules

Order Fulfilment

Obatics Order Fulfilment

Creating an Enquiry will allow you to print or email Quotations, create a new Sales Order and issue Works Orders.

A Sales Order can be raised manually or created from an Enquiry. Obatics will indicate stock availability for inventory items and can create a Purchase Order directly from the Sales Order or from a raised Purchase Requisition.

Filled orders are delivered to the customer and Invoices can be created from the Sales Order or from the Delivery Note. Inventory items will automatically adjust downwards or upwards following Sales and Purchase Deliveries.

Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline is a very useful feature, which gives a clear indication of a company’s financial health and projects future revenue for the company.

Manage your sales expectations and quotas and keep your Sales team focused on the top priority leads.

Obatics Sales Pipeline

Inventory Management

Obatics Inventory Management

Inventory can be moved within multiple locations using fully integrated barcode features. If you're not ready for barcoding yet, you still have the comfort of knowing its available when you need it.

As purchased stock levels drop below their minimum levels, purchase orders can be created to automatically reorder.

Manage product Shelf Life, Batch Identification, Storage Restrictions, as well as Quarantining, Destruction and Attrition.

Asset Tracking

With unique Asset Tracking capabilities, Obatics can identify your assets using barcode or RFID Technology in a fraction of the time traditional methods and procedures are achieved. Obatics will report on missing items and assets, which require checking, maintenance or replacement.

Obatics Asset Tracking



Sales staff on the move can view and update Obatics live. Management can monitor progress and trends and operators can view incomplete tasks.

To Do’s can be created for any user on the system and will remain on the assignees Overview list until they are complete.


There are many advantages to Off-the-shelf business solutions and customised solutions. With Obatics, you can take advantage of both.

Tabs and labels can be named to suit your business. Modules, such as pricing or costs, can be hidden, if required, from individuals or departments, or completely, if it's not part of your business.

If you require more comprehensive customisation, Obatics is designed for this as well. Additional features can be integrate seamlessly and do not interfere with standard software updates, allowing you to still take advantage of new features we roll out.

Obatics Customisation